The people behind the Timebank

Timebank Coordinator

Alana Kane 

Alana joined Timebank in 2016, and began as our coordinator 2019. She is originally from Taranaki and has spent time living in Scotland, Japan and Chile. She is super passionate about community, activism, arts and inclusion! Alana is a keen alternative economist - always looking forways we can help each other out through community inspired projects! She is happy to chat re: projects that Timebank can assist with! In her spare time you will find her doing some crafts, smashing the patriarchy and making kombucha!



Steering Committee

Hannah McKintosh

Hannah is a community organiser, story-teller and recycling enthusiast. She enjoys being part of projects that challenge people to see the world through a slightly different lens and act in a more compassionate way towards others. She once coordinated the timebank in its fledgling days and wrangled her way back into the Steering Committee team after a brief stint overseas.


Eryn Gribble

Eryn is the slightly scruffy punk of the Newtown Community Centre – a people person and passionate advocate. She’s got “mad Aroha” for inclusion, art, community, music, conversation and laughter. As an artist she loves to make stuff, as NCCC coordinator she loves to make stuff happen! She's been digging the timebank as an active member for 6 years and you can find her making all sorts of rad requests on Community Weaver!

Lainey Cowan

After studying economics for a minute I became convinced there must be something better and looked for alternatives to mainstream. I joined the Timebank Steering Committee as I retired and am excited at its potential for those of us becoming more time rich and concerned with local community capacity building. Yahoo!


Margaret Crisp

Margaret lives in Island Bay. Her smiling face is always welcoming new people and greeting old friends in the neighbourhood. Margaret works at the Wellington South Baptist Church, is a mum, a gardener, and a steady shoulder to lean on. She makes the soup that is vital to our decision making at monthly steering committee meetings.


Renee Rushton

Renee has completed a Masters in Development Studies focusing on community economies. Through her research she engaged with groups in Bolivia encouraging them to think critically about what they wanted their economy to look like. She is now really enjoying thinking about the economy she wants to live in - and taking action to work towards it. The Timebank promotes equality and inclusiveness. Everyone has skills to contribute and all skills are valued equally. She was one of the Timebank’s first members and is an enthusiastic trader.

Rebecca Gouldhurst

Rebecca Gouldhurst believes that the world would be a better place if there was a lot less focus on money and more energy spent nourishing nature and our communities. She earns her crust as a Wellbeing Educator – which is a cross between Naturopathy and Counselling. Rebecca enjoys pottering in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen and to keep active she's an avid “5 rhythms” dancer. Even machines need TLC and a wee bit of elbow grease and oiling – so Rebecca found her way onto the steering committee to help the team keep those cogs turning!