Our friends


Peoples Coffee are pros at supporting local community. They started off helping out the Timebank by donating coffee for events - an essential item at all community events. In 2013 (in the spirit of reciprocity that is dear to us timebankers) Hannah approached the lovely folk at Peoples Coffee and asked if they would like to be the first business to become a member of the Timebank.

Now, Peoples earns 1 time credit per donation of coffee to timebank events. Timebank members can also spend their time credits on coffee sacks from the roastery.

Peoples Coffee plan to use their earned time credits to call on timebankers to volunteer at the roastery when they need some extra help.


The Sustainability Trust provides a wonderful array of services and products that help us Wellingtonians stay warm, dry and reduce our impact on our environment. We at the Timebank love to be warm and love our environment - a perfect match!

The Sustainability Trust offers volunteers time credits for the time they put into helping out at the Centre. In return, The Trust earns time credits through lending out books from their Library and offering the use of their spare office space during opening hours.


IDEA Services, IHC and Emerge Supported Employment Trust are all organisations that work to support people with disabilities. The Wellington Timebank work alongside these organisation supporting members of their organisations to join the Timebank as individuals. The Timebank provides an opportunity to meet others through exchanges, have their skills valued in the community and create valuable networks.


Chalkle° reinvents learning where classes can be taught or attended by anyone, thereby unlocking the incredible knowledge held within our communities. They create community connections through shared education. We love what Chalkle° do and are always encouraging timebankers to become chalklers and chalklers to become timebankers!

Chalkle° classes run by timebank members often offer two forms of payment - cash or time credits. Many timebankers donate the money raised to the Timebank for fundraising purposes. They earn time credits for their time and any extra time credits go to Chalkle° to reward their volunteers.