Wellington Timebank Covid-19 Traffic Light System Policy: December 2021

Wellington Timebank Covid-19 Traffic Light System Covid-19 Policy: December 2021

On December 3rd 2021, Aotearoa moved to the COVID Protection Framework (otherwise known as the traffic light system) as the next step towards keeping people protected in our communities against COVID-19. Read more about this framework here.

This means that there will be some new aspects to Timebanking that we can take into account as we organise trades with our fellow Timebankers. 

Wellington Timebank Offices and Events

Wellington Timebank offices and organised events will require “My Vaccine Pass” to enter, aligning with the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre policy. From Friday 3rd December 2021, anyone aged over 12 years and 3 months entering any Newtown Community & Cultural Centre venues and events must show a valid Vaccine Pass. See information on getting My Vaccine Pass here

Requiring Vaccine Passes at the Timebank office and organised events allows us the freedom to:

  • Increase safety in our community
  • Allow events to go ahead without any COVID imposed limits on numbers
  • People can access tea, coffee and kai at our events 


We still require people at our offices and events to:

  • Scan in using the COVID Tracer app or use an alternatively provided sign-in process -  the COVID Vaccine Pass is not a substitute for contact tracing
  • Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer
  • Stay home if you are unwell and call your doctor or Healthline.


Face coverings/Masks:

  • NCCC (where the Wellington Timebank office is located) is a public facility – this means when we are in Red, Orange and Green, you are required to wear a face covering/mask when visiting the office.
  • At events we encourage you to wear a face covering/mask as often as you can – we have spare masks available for our visitors.

Signing up to Wellington Timebank in the Traffic Light System

We want all community members to be able to access Timebanking, whether you are vaccinated or not, hence the option for online sign-up for those community members who have not been vaccinated. You can sign up online as normal by clicking this link. Just let us know when we email you that you would like to organise an online sign up session and you can complete the orientation and sign up forms online. 

COVID Code of Conduct: How to best timebank in the Traffic Light System 

Depending what colour (red, orange or green) our area is in, we might decide to Timebank a little differently, and most of the time this will depend on personal boundaries and preferences. At all levels we ask that you record your trade as soon as you have completed it, for COVID tracking purposes.  

At all levels, we ask that Timebankers check in with their fellow Timebankers on what their boundaries are regarding trading. It is up to you personally to decide if you are happy to trade with or without vaccine passes and use of masks. However, we do encourage that you take safety precautions (especially at orange and red) such as washing and sanitising your hands regularly, using a mask, 1m social distancing and staying home if you are feeling unwell. 

Timebank members can make a note on their Community Weaver profile page or when posting an offer or request regarding their personal preferences e.g. “Looking to learn weaving from someone, happy to meet in person, I feel comfortable with vaccinated or non vaccinated trades'' or “ would prefer to trade with someone who has been vaccinated.” This is not necessary, but may make the process a little quicker when organising a trade. If you prefer to leave this out when requesting trades, please check in with your fellow timebanker regarding their boundaries before making a trade.

If you are organising a group trade, be clear when organising to state your personal expectations of Timebankers who wish to attend - and you must operate within the legal framework of the traffic light system.

Group trades organised by Wellington Timebank will require vaccine passes.

Most importantly we ask that all Timebankers be kind and compassionate with other members, and understand and accept others' boundaries. Take into account the following Wellington Timebank Code of Conduct expectations:

  • I agree to respect other members’ viewpoints and not pressure another participant to accept my religious beliefs or political views
  • I agree to always treat fellow participants with compassion and respect
  • I agree that members should not put their safety or the safety of others at risk by their actions during trading
  • I agree to respect all other members’ privacy and/or confidentiality

If you have any issues, concerns or conflicts while trading please get in touch with the Timebank coordinator, who will facilitate and resolve any issues with members. 

This policy will be reviewed regularly, based around government guidance and will be amended according to whether we are in Red, Orange or Green.



Please get in touch if you have any questions - info@wellingtontimebank.org.nz or call 04-920 6708