Trouser Resurrection

My best Timebank Trade this year was the resurrection or my beautiful red trousers that were in a former incarnation,  danced and strutted with enthusiasm.

Prior to Christmas I came off my bike in spectacular fashion launching myself over the handlebars in a kind of Matrix- style, out of body experience. Unfortunately the landing was not quite so graceful, hitting the concrete on knees and elbows. Amazingly I was still alive but my beautiful red, Australian trousers were damaged beyond belief adding to my injury (see photo).

Hobbling around with no skin on both knees trying to be brave, I emailed Timebank mender extraordinaire, Gemma who came to my rescue. The thought of snazzy red shorts really did cheer me up.

What a fantastic job. Post-Christmas, displaying my knee scars with style, I celebrated by wearing them at the next Salsa night, Public bar on Courtney Place (see photo)

He rawe tāku tarau poto whero!