Timebanking benefits the young


TY4YP  or Time  for young people was a  successful Welsh time banking model and feasibility study.  It was devised  specifically  for  youth and made possible by a two year lottery grant  which commenced in 2008. The programme  was rolled out across six South Wales local authorities. The goal  was to encourage and empower young people  aged 7 to 25 to become active and contributing citizens in their local communities; including the promotion of intergenerational connections.  

The Glyncoch youth time bank members produced murals for their local primary school, and organised a community concert, and participated in various environmental projects. As a result  their self confidence increased, and to be involved  in the decision making process of  how these community projects could be  developed gave them a sense of empowerment. Outdoor pursuits and ice -skating were just some of the  activities the youth time bank members spent their credits on. The Trealaw time bank children are improving their school environment, heres the link for  a superb clip on youtube

The project has had a major impact on  the community according to  police feedback.Six months after the introduction of  TYP4P  in one locality there was a 17 percent reduction  in  youth anti social behaviour. Participating  in  a timebank and working on community projects fostered a sense of pride and ownership  among this group,as they were able to channel  their negative tendencies in a  positive way.  The police recognised that they also needed to engage with these youth in a different way.  Click here to read The New Economics Foundation article which discusses the success of the TY4P model. 

The benefit to the community were the improvements made to the local  environment, and the development of social connections between young people, the police, and the community  members.  Time bank participation meant new foundations were laid  within the community which re-built a sense of trust  that had  previously been destroyed. 

Time banking is a  powerful tool even  for  the younger members of our communities. It gives them a voice  and encourages them to become active agents of change, and strengthens community ties. It is a  great tool for  personal growth, many timebank participants say giving back to their community  increases their sense of  value and self  worth.  The beauty of time banking is the outcome is immediately tangible, the provider and the receiver of time credits both benefit.