Timebanking at Alert Level 2!

Timebanking at Level 2

Moving into Alert Level 2 we want to encourage safe Timebanking as we begin to leave our bubbles. Here are our guidelines to enable members to do this safely: 

Do not Timebank if….

  • If you are feeling ill, please don’t Timebank (this is good advice, COVID or not). If you have any cold or flu like symptoms then stay at home, call Healthline on 0800 611 116 or your GP for advice. Please don’t just turn up at your doctors office. 

  • If you have recently returned from overseas remember to isolate for 14 days before you make any face to face trades.! You can still get support through Timebanking, following the protocols at level 3 and 4:

    • Trades can be made online or through delivery if essential, keeping a social distance of at least 2 metres. Stick to the key advice of washing hands thoroughly before and after a trade, and wiping down any surfaces that may have been touched. e.g. If someone is delivering supermarket shopping, then wipe surfaces with sanitiser, use gloves or wash hands before and after touching the object/material. 

If you are Timebanking (yay!)……

  • Contact Tracing: For the Timebank, contact tracing will be completed by logging trades through Community Weaver. We require all members to log their trades immediately after the trade has been completed (preferably before the trade has been completed, if possible). Prior to carrying out the trade, those involved should decide who will log the trade. It is a legal requirement that contract tracing takes place, so we are relying on you, our members, to ensure this happens. If you are having difficulties logging your trade through Community Weaver, please contact the coordinator.

  • Maintain physical distancing of 1m when possible.

  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly. Use soap. Wash for 20 seconds. Then dry thoroughly. This kills the virus by bursting its protective bubble.

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow, regularly disinfect surfaces.

  • Be aware of vulnerable members and take extra precautions to trade safely.

  • If there is food involved, please prepare carefully and serve individually, taking hygiene precautions.

  • Be kind! Share resources safely and look after our community! 

Interested in holding a Timebank class or workshop?

  • Awesome! Thank you! Make sure you talk through your ideas with your local Timebank coordinator to ensure you are following health/safety protocol- they’ll be able to support and guide you with this so your event falls within government guidelines and keeps everyone safe.

  • Contact Tracing: Ensure you have everyone’s details for contact-tracing purposes, and that participants know they need to report if they later become unwell. You can create a google form for your workshop - talk with your coordinator about organising this.

  • Social Distancing: Ensure participants can maintain 1m distance between each other at all times throughout the workshop if possible. 

  • Limit of 10 people: All classes / workshops should have a maximum of 10 people. 

  • Hand Washing: Ensure participants wash or sanitise their hands regularly. Provide hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities. Remind participants to wash their hands for 20 seconds, with soap and then dry thoroughly. 

  • Cleaning Surfaces: Sanitize surfaces regularly. Keep good hygiene around using tools or implements, and wiping surfaces, etc. 

  • Make sure you adhere to the guidelines/rules of the venue this workshop is taking place in. 

  • Under Level 2, consider continuing to do workshops online if possible. If your workshop/class must be in person, consider inviting people to bring their own tools, food and drink if possible/appropriate. 

  • If food preparation is involved in the class/workshop, please make sure that it is prepared carefully and served individually, for example, not from a buffet type setting. 

  • If you have identified as vulnerable or at risk to COVID-19 or you are providing support to someone who is vulnerable or at risk then please read the government guidelines specific to this group here. If you find that you, or somebody you know in the Timebank Community, could use a little extra help, get in touch so that we can provide some support!

Examples of how to Timebank safely while following the above guidelines

  • Resource sharing, such as dropping off Jigsaws you have completed or craft supplies to other members.

  • Visiting someone that is a bit isolated and has been having a tough time on their own.

  • Dropping off seeds to a member to grow their new winter garden!

  • Teaching someone how to make compost

  • A gardening bee with a couple of Timebank Members!