Timebank Spotlight: Sarah Shore


Sarah makes soft toys out of recycled materials. She wants people to have a really special toy that will be loved and cherished, just like any toy should! 

It was not long after her daughter was born that Sarah joined the Timebank. She liked the concept of time being shared, and the fact that “an hour is an hour” of equal time regardless of the skill.

Two years on, Sarah is still a Timebank member and trades weekly with her neighbour who provides home help and child care for her two little girls. As a teacher at Hataitai Primary, Sarah initially offered her teaching skills to tutor kids after school. However, it is her toy making skills that have been really popular in the Timebank. 

One of Sarah’s favourite trades was when she taught Kaya, the youngest member of the timebank how to make her own toy.

Recently Sarah made a cat for fellow Timebanker, Kate. Kate loved the cat, and Sarah loved knowing the toy she made might live on to become somebody’s favourite toy.

Sarah’s craft of making soft toys has expanded to include a range of animals. When I spoke with her, I was surrounded by a menagerie of cats, dinosaurs, pigs (with detachable piglets), and bunny rabbits, all looking cuddly. Some of the toys are made with a sewing pattern, and some, like the bunnies, have been created from scratch. One bunny takes about four hours to make, she could create a family of bunnies in no time!

Sarah can create toys or teach you how to make your own. She also has a clan of pre-made toy animals ready to be loved. She loves being able to share her skill with others and continue to contribute to the Timebank. If you’re a member of the timebank and you'd like to set up a trade with her, you can contact her through the Community Weaver website.

Story by Vivienne Askey