Swimming Pre-School

Sofia loves swimming and goes with her dad a few times a week where she has learned to love the water.

When Chris saw an offer for swim lessons he didn’t hesitate - and contacted Laura who is an expert and coaches young swimmers for competitions. Chris had enabled Sofia to feel safe and be adventurous in and under the water, but what else? Laura usually coached older kids (Sofia is just over 1) but was adaptable and creative and offered hints about the basics for a beginner; going under, blowing into the water, kicking/splashing, jumping in, etc. And all these with songs to encourage participation.


Laura, with her bubbly personality, had great rapport with Sofia so gained Sofia’s trust in the water to try new things. This was also a lesson for dad, learning new skills to use each time we go swimming. Thanks Laura for your Time, knowledge and teaching skill ! Thanks too, Wellington City Council for the affordable swimming for toddlers and their carers. And thanks Timebank for the variety of things on offer.