My Many and Varied Trades

I have been a member of the Wellington Timebank for over two years, but only fully active for the last twelve months. I am totally into the concept of Timebanking, and have had many interesting trades. I once caught a bus from the city to Kilbirnie to collect some biscuits that were baked by a Timebank member. These biscuits were so good that I ate most of them on my way home.

I have volunteered in the kitchen at a community dinner, (attracted by the offer of a free dinner), have helped a member write his best man’s wedding speech, chainsawed up some firewood for a guy on his steep section, helped a lady update her CV, and enjoyed wholesome baking from two other Timebank members.


I enjoyed a comprehensive consultation on nutrition from Marion Leighton, and still enjoy her muesli on a daily basis. I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and posted a request on the Wellington Timebank website. Timebanker Brian got back to me and he agreed to lend me his guitar for one time credit a week. I am amazed at the variety of skills offered in our Timebanking community, and check the site most days for new requests and offers.


I have been volunteering at the Timebank for ten months assisting with administration and writing tasks. I love my ‘Timebank Tuesdays’, and enjoy meeting the people behind the names. I am well supported in the office by Chris and Eryn and Renee downstairs.


Campbell McRae