Fun and Games at Board Game Night!

About 15 people sit around some tables in three groups, playing different board games.Thank you so very much to the folks who turned up at our Board Game Night!  We had about 25 people over the course of the evening, which meant it was a bit cramped at our tables, but folks seemed pretty happy with the games on offer. We played Settlers of Catan, Cluedo, Pictionary, Looping Chewie, Guess Who, Uno, and Exploding Kittens - just to name a few. A great mix of people attended, including some very active Timebankers, lots of families, some visitors from out of town, and a couple of brand-new Timebank members!  It was a light, happy evening, and several folks have asked when the next one is.  

For me, seeing the folks come down from the Aro Valley brought home how much the Timebank has grown from its start in Newtown.  And I'd love to see more hyper-local events going on, bringing in neighbours either for volunteering or to just get to know each other a bit before or alongside trading, so we are really building local networks.

So we have a couple more events soon.  Coming up May 8 is our FREE Pilates with Faye at the Indian Community Centre in Kilbirnie. It's a chance to try a new workout, followed by about 20 minutes of conversation and some yummy chai with folks who are already part of the class. We're organising carpools from all over town at our Facebook event, or you can email the Coordinators to take part.

And if you run an event you'd like Timebankers to know about, are seeking local volunteers, or if you would like help getting folks in your area together, email us about that, too.  We'd love to help out.