A Dramatic Exchange

The Wellington Timebank has helped Newtown locals Zoe Higgins and Henrietta Bollinger find rehearsal space for their play 26 Cats Destroy the Patriarchy.


Preparing for a fringe theatre production and struggling to find rehearsal spaces in Wellington after the earthquake, the two Timebank members hit on the idea of paying for space partly in cash and partly in time credits. They’ve been able to rehearse in the Newtown Hall thanks to the Timebank and the Newtown community centre.

“The Timebank is an amazing resource for creative projects where you have time to give but no budget”, said Zoe. “It’s great that the community centre’s been willing to work with us so we can rehearse in a useful space.”


26 Cats Destroy the Patriarchy is a family drama about three generations of women trying to hold their own and hold it together. It's on at BATS theatre as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival, from 19-23 Feb at 6.30pm. Book online at bats.co.nz or call (04) 802 4175

Thanks so much - the Timebank has actually been amazing and let us access enough space to rehearse properly - we couldn't have found rehearsal space without it!

Cheers, Zoe