Collective Fundraising

Recently we held a fundraising dinner for the 1% Collective, and that grew from a conversation at a pot dinner that I regularly go to on a Tuesday. There are many generous people that go to the dinner, and who already support the 1% Collective so this night was merely an extension of that. We have held one before with good success but this time we cast the net further for people to help.

I truly embrace the 1% Collective ethos that if we each give a little, collectively we can achieve great things. I gathered support from a couple of food suppliers, from the Golf Club, Tuesday night dinner friends, and put a request for helpers through Timebank.

I joined Timebank Southern hub at the very beginning, 2012, and have met many amazing people, shared trades, meals and coffees and continue to be inspired by the generosity and creativity of Timebankers.  To earn credits I have baked cakes, run errands, cooked and co-ordinated dinners, made giant lasagnes, and sewed bunting, and in return I have received haircuts, massages, acupressure, gardening assistance, recipe book illustrations, and lots and lots of help in the kitchen making fundraising events happen. Many thanks to those who have helped over the years! Moreover, I have made deep and lasting connections with people that I may not have connected with in any other way, and I continue to evangelise about Timebank and it’s benefit and worth, and convince my friends to join as well.

One of these friends, and a recent Timebank convert is Amy, who led the harvest theme, and gathered hessian and bunting and generally made the hall look lovely, using dried agapanthus heads and local rosemary and bay.  Fay and Campbell came via the Timebank request for helping hands and they were both indispensable on the night. Fay was our ‘meeter and greeter, a role she has excelled at, at a previous dinner. To have her enthusiasm, and positivity be the welcome for our guests made for a great start to their evening.  I cannot heap enough praise on Campbell’s plate. He was with me in the kitchen the whole night and long after some others had to leave or had wilted, he stuck in there.  I was very impressed as this was clearly not his first rodeo, and he seemed quite at home, and not at all scared by the stacks of plates at the end.

We were lucky to have had Martin from Kaibosh tell us a little more about the valuable work his organisation does and after that, play a couple of songs, from his soon to be released album.

It is always wonderful when unexpected connections occur and this dinner spurred several. New people were inspired by the work of the collective and signed up to donate their 1 %,  and others found out about Timebanking and are keen to become members. The night was a great success and a donation of just on $1000 has been made due entirely to the generosity of all involved.

 Thanks to Angie for organising this event