2500 hours

It's National Volunteer Week; and 2500 is the number of hours that volunteers have given to the timebank. So, I want to (metaphorically) shout from the rooftops and take this opportunity to tell you about these amazing folk.

The faces in the photos above are the people who volunteer weekly doing everything from admin to membership support to organising events and supporting timebankers to trade. They tune in with those most isolated in our communities just to say hi. They encourage people to use their skills to help others and to ask for help when they need it. From a personal perspective, they make all the difference in a job where I would otherwise be working alone. These guys rule!

 I'm lucky enough to be supported by a volunteer Steering Committee - a group of 10 community members who put aside time from their very busy lives to help direct the timebank and provide governance support to my role as the Coordinator. We get together once a month and eat soup, laugh and plan for the day when timebanking is the biggest thing since sliced bread in Wellington. 

The timebank is also used by an increasing number of organisations that also wouldn't exist without the help of volunteers. This year we have welcomed Kaibosh and the Soup Kitchen to the timebanking community. Their volunteers now earn time credits for their volunteering efforts which they can then use to trade in the timebank. They've used their hours for all kinds of goodness including tree trimming, carpet laying and massage - just the ticket after a days volunteering.

So I just want to say a big YOU'RE AWESOME! to all the volunteers out there and thank you from the bottom of my big beating heart.