The story behind the Timebank

Mission statement


In our community we look out for each other and embrace diversity.


Through exchanging skills, time and knowledge we foster relationships of trust and reciprocity. We harness the real wealth of the community and the value of each individual.


  1. We are all assets. Every person has something to contribute.
  2. Redefining work. All kinds of work need to be honoured and rewarded.
  3. Reciprocity. Relationships are about giving and receiving. “You need me” becomes “We need each other.”
  4. Social networks. People helping each other weaves communities of support, strength and trust.
  5. Respect. All of us matter and are accountable to one another.


A bit of background history

In February 2011, the Newtown Community Centre held a workshop with Wellington City Council on Timebanking. It included Anneleise Hall from the successful Lyttelton Timebank. Many people were inspired by this meeting. We decided to set up a local Timebank in Wellington South.

Six dedicated and enthusiastic people, from the community and various local organisations, set up a group to establish the Timebank. Anneleise held workshops and community meetings with open doors so that the local community could participate in every stage of the Timebank’s development. This community has shaped the way the Timebank works for our own unique corner of Wellington and Aotearoa.

In October 2011, with more than 150 people waiting to join, we launched the Wellington South Timebank. We are hugely grateful for the support of Wellington City Council for funding, a strong steering group, a team of volunteers, and an amazing Coordinator who helped to make this happen!

After our launch we were blown away with enthusiasm across Wellington. People signed up from all over the city. Six months after our launch, with members across 22 different suburbs, we realised that we were no longer representative of just Wellington South. We became the Wellington Timebank.

Our membership is now growing strong. We have begun to work with other community organisations, schools, rest homes and community centres to people across Wellington. Neighbourhood Hubs have begun to spring up where Timebankers in different suburbs get together regularly to create a local flavour.

The Timebank story continues day-by-day!

For the latest news, updates and event information keep an eye on the Timebank blog and the Timebank Facebook page.